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SYC Trust & Our Vision

The Spreydon Youth Community Trust (SYCT) was established in 1997. We operate as the youth arm of South West Baptist Church and the ‘management group’ for 24-7 Youth Work Canterbury. Through our work, we aim to assist rangatahi (young people) to develop a sense of identity and belonging through being part of a community that fosters healthy lifestyles, helps rangatahi reach their potential, develops their spiritual growth and positively influences the wider community. We want to encourage them to enjoy their teenage years, achieve all they can, explore faith and avoid some of life’s pitfalls.


In 2020 SYCT was gifted the management rights of Hibburt Park from the Churches for Christ Property Board. We are now the kaitiaki (caretakers) of this wonderful facility. 


We are excited to have the opportunity to offer groups a place to create lifelong memories that grow their identity, confidence and relationships with their peers, teachers and leaders. The outdoors, camping, team activities, cooking and eating together, offer a chance for relationships to be formed in a unique way. Outdoor activities also offer rangatahi the opportunity to build confidence in their physical, mental, emotional and social capabilities. We see Hibburt Park as a great opportunity to offer affordable camps to youth groups, schools and other community groups, where rangatahi would get the chance to enjoy and learn from being in the outdoors. While our focus is to accommodate those who work with children and youth, we welcome all groups to enquire with us.

Our Staff


In 1958, 5 acres of crown land, near Spencer Park, was obtained by the

St Albans Church of Christ, Christchurch, for youth camp purposes. This was

one of the several crown land sites that was made available by the NZ

governments 'Lands and Survey Department' to various youth organisations,

on long-term leases. The campsite was given the name 'Hibburt Park' to

honour the work of Will R Hibburt, Director of Christian Education of the

Associated Churches of Christ (now Christian Churches New Zealand). 

On May 8 1960, Hibburt Park hosted its first camp.


Camp fees were always kept to a minimum which enabled wide-spread use

of the camp facilities by many youth groups including Scouts, Girl Guides,

Boys and Girls Brigades, schools, churches and numerous other community

groups. Over the years Hibburt Park has been a popular campsite and

countless young people have been impacted positively by their experiences

there, the relationships they formed during camps and working bees, and

the opportunity they had to grow in skills, thinking and faith, in a safe setting.

However the time came when the Associated Churches of Christ needed to

retire from the responsibilities of maintaining the facilities and in 2020 they

handed over the management of Hibburt Park to Spreydon Youth Community

Trust. 60 years later, the vision of Hibburt Park remains the same, to provide

affordable camping so that young people may experience the benefits of

camping and the outdoors.

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